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Free Bag for Clearing Out Clothes

Free Bag for Clearing Out Clothes

Have you looked in your wardrobe and thought you should clear it out? If so, you need to check out Thrift+. You can now order a free bag from them and fill it with clothes in good condition that you don't wear anymore. Once you have filled it with clothes, you can order a delivery service with the bag's pre-paid returns label, and Thrift+ will resell or donate your clothes to charity, depending on the quality.

When your clothes resell, you will earn points, and those points can be spent on pre-loved fashion on the Thrift+ website, donated to charity, or you can spend them on vouchers. This is a great way to get rid of your old clothes, it is better for the planet as nothing goes to waste and you could get some new pieces out of it.

Click the green button below to visit the Thrift+ website, where you can read more and order your free bag. There would usually be a cost for the bag, but as of writing, it is free. Give Thrift+ a try today!