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Free Shopping Bag & Rewards When You Use It

Free Shopping Bag & Rewards When You Use It

If you live in London and would like to get rewarded for using a reusable shopping bag, check out Raze! Raze is working hard to promote more sustainable brands by giving people free bags to use. When you take your bag out with you and scan it, you can earn coins. Those coins can then be used on their marketplace to get vouchers for brands like Love Raw, TOTM, Pact Coffee and more. So, you can get free shopping vouchers to use on chocolate, period products and other more sustainable stuff.

It is an easy way to get a free shopping bag and earn rewards while you are out and about. Click the green button below to order your free Raze bag, you will need to download their app. By signing up with our referral code UVB7R10056, you will also get 500 conscious coins to start you off! Give it a try and see what rewards you can earn with your bag!


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