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Win £10 Every Week Playing Football Bingo

Win £10 Every Week Playing Football Bingo

DIBZ is a sports betting experience, and you can win £10 every week if you play their free bingo! All players with DIBZ will get Free Tokens, which can be used for a free ticket. It will be a football bingo ticket, so all you need to do is have all events turn blue, and you can win £10.

They also offer paid tickets too, and each ticket costs £2. This will be a £2 bet, and you pick a bingo ticket, if your events turn blue, you can win up to £1,000. Click the green button below to read more about DIBZ on the Apple App Store, where you can download the app for free. Please note that there could be a need to activate the withdrawal of prizes with a £2 bet.

Remember you must be 18 or over to gamble in the UK. Please gamble responsibly,


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